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How to buy

We are using Paypal auto-payment gateway. If you have any difficulty in settle your payment with us, please contact our Customer Service Team via:

Customer Support

[email protected]

How to delivery

After receive your payment, we will send the download link to your email.

In case of differentiate in time zone or outside working hours, please allow us max 12 hours to fulfill your order.

How to request course

If you need any courses that don’t show up in our website, please send us email ([email protected]) with the name of the course, or the sale page link. We will help you to find it with best price.

Normally the cost is just about 10% – 20% price of the original.

Security Policy

Your information is encrypted and your money is Guaranteed by Paypal

Refund Policy

Normally, all our products have been double checked before posting, so we don’t offer refund after the delivery of course (you get the link and download). But, we will refund your full money in cases of:

(1) Item is not as described

(2) Item doesn’t work the way it should

(3) Item support is promised but not provided

(4) Item support extension not used.

Do we provide Member log in and subscription?

No. We don’t guarantee to provide any user, member login account or subscription to the sale page. We just resell downloadable courses. Please contact us before you place the order if the course need subscription.

Do the website provide future updated of the course?

No we don’t guarantee, we can just provide all materials regarding to the course at the time it released. But, if we have the chance to get new updated modules, we will share free for whom already paid for the old course.

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